“An eco-friendly mother of two who strives to live life simply and as waste-free as possible. This mom is a real superhero.”

Hi! My name is Cindy and I am the CEO of The Funny Toys Today.

Being a mother made me more and more conscious of the earth we live in. I didn’t want to raise my family at the expense of consuming more natural resources than our planet could renew. Each time I look at my children’s innocent faces, I am reminded to make the earth a greener place not just for them but for the next generation and for all living things.

I love everything organic and natural. I love using products that have a minimal footprint on the earth. By buying the right products, my family found things lasted longer and we used less because we valued them more knowing they were not disposable. We stopped going to the store for plastic wraps, paper towels, and dish scrubbers, which meant we didn’t pick up other things while we were out shopping – we just didn’t need to go there anymore. Another thing that helps is buying in bulk and avoiding pre-packaged foods. When we were on the go, we did our best to reduce the waste we created.

Everything we sell at The Funny Toys Today has been carefully hand-selected and tested for our consumers. I believe in these products as I use them myself. We’ve done all the research, so that you can be certain everything we carry meets the highest level of quality and integrity for your family and the environment, leaving you to shop with a clean conscience. Like you, we want to buy products that are better for our families and the planet.

We’ve got you covered. We have products for parents like me who care for the planet so their little ones can enjoy it for decades to come. Our products are supplied by companies that carry out practices with honest ethical values that pride in purity, sustainability, and fairness.

We are committed to environmentally friendly sustainability and in finding ways to help improve our environment and to make it a cleaner and safer place to live.

Save the earth. Save money. The Funny Toys Today is here to guide you on your wonderful journey of a plastic-free and sustainable life.